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New for 2015 – Podgy Pet Club

From Fat to Fit – help your pets achieve their ideal weight

Could your pet be overweight?

The best way to tell is to look at their body condition score (BCS):
Many vets will score your pet from 1-5, where 1 is emaciated, 2 is underweight, 3 is ideal, 4 is overweight and 5 is obese. In the pictures to the right, you can see that the dog in picture A has visible ribs, protuberant hip bones and over-exaggerated muscle definition. This would score a 1 or 2 on the BCS scale.
The dog in picture C is overweight – you can see that she has a layer of fat over her ribs and hips, and very little waist. If you were to look at her from above, she would be very straight along her back. She also has pendulous fat under her belly and between her front legs. She also has excess fat around her face and neck.
The ideal dog has ribs that you can feel but not see, a nice tuck up to her waist, and she goes in at the sides when you look at her from above.
If you feel that your pet is underweight, then we recommend that you book in to see one of our vets, as there could be some medical problem that requires treatment.
If you think your pet could be overweight, then our new Podgy Pet Club is just what you need!

So how do I join?

“Weigh-in Wednesday” is our new afternoon session particularly for weight clinics – book in to see one of our Qualified Veterinary Nurses or one of their support team and sign up to the Club to receive your personalised plan.

Join our Podgy Pet Club to receive a range of fantastic benefits, including:
  • Free nurse appointments, to weigh and measure your pet, as often as you like.
  • An achievable feeding guide, with a measured, balanced diet, and a targeted approach to exercise and weight loss.
  • A £5 voucher off prescription weight loss food from our Southfields Web-shop.
  • Quarterly discounts and a loyalty scheme to obtain free food as you progress.
  • Dedicated Facebook page for support, sharing top tips and discussing your success.
  • A chance to be our ‘Pet of the Month’, with a special feature on our surgery noticeboard and an additional voucher.